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Mentoring a child has lasting benefits, not only on the child, but for our mentors as well.  Developing a relationship with an at-risk youth can be rewarding and humbling.  At COACH Kids, we have several different ways for you to be involved.  So whether you have 30 mins a week or 6 hours or more a month, we can find the right fit for a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship.


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Our Local Heroes program is our school-based mentoring program, and can be exclusive to just in school, or our PLUS program including spending time with the student outside of the school.  Either way, COACH Kids is here for you the whole way with constant communication so that you continually feel supported in handling situation that arise.  COACH Kids also encourages all of our Local Heroes to attend our Spring Skate (Skate-a-Thon?) and Luncheon in the spring.

Our Community Hope Mentoring Program is our community based program and is broken down into three branches, Promise (Probation Referral), Hope (General Referral), and Young Parent Mentoring.  These programs are to provide mentees with one-on-one mentoring, year round.  COACH Kids requires a commitment of 4-6 hours a month for a year. Our Hope Mentors get to enjoy doing activities such as helping with homework, grocery shopping and cooking, hiking, playing outdoors, or even just your day to day errands or favorite activity.  It’s about the time together to talk and be there for your mentee. COACH Kids will continually support you and your mentee with constant communication and support.  COACH Kids encourages all mentors and mentees to participate in Spring Skate as well as several other activities throughout the year that help foster your relationship.

Community Hope Mentoring Program

Our Young Parent Mentoring program launched in March of 2016 with the goal to provide faith-based relationship support for young, pregnant and parenting moms and dads.  Dealing with the struggles of having a child, while still a child yourself can be overwhelming.  As a mentor, you would be providing help for young parents to find community resources, guidance from someone who has experience as a young mother/parent, encouragement to continue to set life goals while dealing with current struggles, as well as a listening ear to confide in.  COACH Kids will stay in regular contact for support and any questions.  We require contact by phone at least once a week as well as spending time together once a month, either at a park, attending an activity, or sharing a meal.

Ready to be a Mentor?

Contact us today!  We will have you fill out an application as well as complete an in person interview to make sure you get paired with the perfect mentee.  Once the interview process has happened, we require a background check as well as our online Child Safety Training.  Additional information, depending on which program you choose, will be given to you when you call.

Know someone who would make a great Mentor? 

We are always looking for more people to fill the ever growing need of Mentors in our community.  So, have a conversation with them, let them know how great it is to be a mentor and all the wonderful experiences you’ve gotten to experience, and send them our way!