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About COACH Kids

COACH Kids was created in 2007 to fulfill a need

in Clinton County for a faith based mentoring program for at risk youth. 

What started out as Big Brothers, Big Sisters in the 1970’s by a teacher

who saw a need within one of his students,

has evolved into a local organization who works with schools,

churches and other local groups to provide mentors.

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Christ Offers All Children Hope at COACH Kids and that is how the organization was formed.  It is proven that young adults who were considered at-risk youth, but had mentors, are 52% less likely to skip a day of school and 46% less likely to start using illegal drugs.  This is just the start of how important a mentor/mentee relationship can be.

We believe in giving youth hope through safe, compassionate relationships.

Community Hope is our community-based mentoring program. Adult mentors are matched with kids between the ages of 6 and 18, with the expectation of spending 4-6  hours a month together. It can look like a weekly connection at the park, The YMCA or any agreed upon activity. It also could be a bi-weekly or monthly time together doing your favorite things OR your everyday things.

Local Heroes is our location-based mentoring program. We’re getting back in the local schools for Fall 2021!!  We have adult and high school mentors who meet in the schools for 30 minutes a week. Consistency makes all the difference. Contact for an application and more information.


We believe in giving youth hope through safe, compassionate relationship.


Facing some problems can be scary, and facing other problems alone can be truly terrifying. Our staff is here to make sure that no one has to face a problem alone. Click on any of the names to find out more about how they help bring hope to young people’s lives:

COACH Kids Staff


COACH Kids works hard to achieve its mission every day.  Through positive relationships, youth & their family can learn to make good choices and build a strong foundation for a brighter future.

CK Board of Directors 2022

Steve Burkhalter
Samuel Gonzalez
Joyce Jacobs
Veronica Navarrete
Mark Mitchell
Cheryl Pass
Joel Tatum
Brett Todd
Kaytianne Rottler
Jo Ellen Clark
Steve Walter

Katie Schimmel

Maria Barrios

Yuli Hernandez