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Mentor Resources

Being a mentor can be one of the most rewarding titles you have.  However, it can come with a lot of work and sometimes can leave you stumped.  When the tough conversations come up, it’s important to know how to handle the situation and talk about it with your mentee.  The COACH Kids staff are happy to help all of our mentors when a hard subject comes up, however, sometimes you just need some more information.  No matter what, you aren’t alone for the tough conversations.

The COACH Kids staff has put together a collection of materials to help answer some of the tough and confusing questions that you may have. Check back to this section often for newly curated materials or if you have a suggestion for a new resource feel free to point it out to us.

Mentor & Mentee Local Activities for Cheap/Free

Looking for something to do together? Check out our listing of local, cheap or free activities. 

Check out the list at our Google Sheet. You can look at what we’ve got and add more!

Activities Listing Image

What should my relationship with my mentee look like at the stage we’re in?

I don’t understand where my 12-14 year old mentee is coming from! How can I understand what they’re thinking?

I don’t understand where my 15-18 year old mentee is coming from? How can I understand what they’re thinking?

I don’t know the movies, music and other stuff that my mentee is talking about! Is there an activity we can do to talk about it??  {This is a FUN one!}

100 Ideas to Use When Mentoring Youth

Mentor Resources


I found an answer I want to share

Have a question or found an answer to questions other mentors might have? Feel free to contact us and we will share it with other mentors here.