Overcoming Relationship Pitfalls

Understanding the Mentoring Match Life Cycle

Excerpts from https://educationnorthwest.org/sites/default/files/factsheet10.pdf

“Mentors have an easier time getting through trouble spots in their mentoring relationships if they understand the basics of the typical match “life cycle.” All matches go through a similar set up ups and downs and you will have an easier time working with your mentee and getting appropriate support from staff if you know what to expect.”

“When challenges arise in the mentoring relationship, remember:
A mentor is… a responsible and caring friend, a role model, a patient listener, an advocate, a nurturer of possibilities
A mentor is not… a counselor or social worker, a parent or guardian, a disciplinarian, a party planner or money machine, a savior. “

“Rather than taking your mentee’s behavior personally, remember that it has nothing to do with you, but rather is a manifestation of his fear of being rejected one more time by one more adult.”

Go to ucationnorthwest.org/sites/default/files/factsheet10.pdf for an extensive fact sheet regarding the different phases and expectations of mentoring relationships. There is helpful and practical information that can grow your understanding of your kid’s behavior.